What is a 'tag'?

Tagging is a neat way to add a keyword or two (or more) to a photo, video, park, or business that describes it in a qualitative way. For instance, if my photo was of a dog playing Frisbee on the beach, I might tag the photo "beach, frisbee, sun." Or, if my video of my snowboard jump was in Mammoth Moutain, I might tag that video as "big air, 360, awesome". We have developed a search tool that allows you to create searches based on these tags. Now, if you search for 'beach', you will get a stroll of photos, videos, and so on from the beach. Pretty cool, huh?

To add tags to your photos, videos, or more, simply click on the "Review this posting" link below the description of the item. Then, add tags in the "Tag" edit box!

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