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MobileTidePro - Santa Barbara County, California

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Click here to download - Landscape version for smartphones

How Do I Install Mobile Tide Pro?

MobileTidePro Version 1.X is a series of .CAB files that contain locations that are best described as 'special zip files' that are constructed in a way that Windows Smartphone devices are able to 'understand'.

1) Start the install Process: These files can be installed onto your Smartphone device in two separate ways.

a) The easy way. If your Smartphone has access to the internet, simply visit the following page: and click on the link for the location and version you wish to install. That will download the file onto your Smartphone Device and start the installation process automagically! Please note: Registration is required in order to visit the page.

b) The ActiveSync Way. ActiveSync is a Microsoft product that gives you access to your Smartphone device (or Pocket PC) from your Personal Computer. In some cases, an actual data cable is required to be purchased in order for your PC to be able to communicate with your Smartphone device.More on ActiveSync and Smartphones can be found here:

Once you have established a connection and are Syncronizing Files, you can visit the following page to download an install file:
Please note: Registration is required in order to visit the page.

Click on the link for the location and version you wish to install. Some browsers may choose to block this action, you will need to accept downloads from this website. Download the install file onto your PC. (Do not open the file, you won't need to look at the contents.) When the file is on your PC, move it to your Syncronized folder for your Smartphone so that the file can physically get onto your Smartphone. (If you are limited on memory on your Smartphone you will need to remove some files before you can copy (or sync) this one over.)

When the file is on your Smartphone, you should be able to attempt to 'open' the file from your actual smartphone device. This can be achieved by first locating the file (with the File Manager or anything else that allows you to see files on your Smartphone from within your Smartphone), and 'open' the file (tap, double click or enter). This will start the install process.
2) The Install Process: A series of questions will be asked of you when you start the install process. Simply answer 'Yes' to all of them. However, if you wish to choose a different location to install the applilication, the option is available to you. We reccomend installing the application on addtional storage areas that are not part of the core memory location (e.g. Storage cards).

3) Running MobileTidePro: After the install is complete, you will need to locate the application in order to start it. On some devices it can be found on the 'Start' menu, others have them in the 'Control Panel' and worst case is via the Windows Explorer... search for MobileTidePro under a 'Program Files' directory. The differences are due to the differences in the Operating Systems (Blame Microsoft). Click on the Icon in order to run the application.

4) MobileTidePro Display: The MobileTidePro application will show seeral factors to you at a glance:
a) Your currrent location
b) Your current time and predicted tide height.
c) Recent Tide maximum highs and lows
d) Arrow indicating if tide is currently rising or falling.

5) Changing Locations: When MobileTidePro is running, select the 'File' Menu and then 'Change Location'. A dialog box will dislpay showing all data locations that have been downloaded and installed. Select the location of interest and choose OK. The MobiletidePro display will now reflect the new Location. Visit the MobileTidePro Download Page to install new locations.

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