Korazon Offers Film Grant

Korazon Offers Film Grant

Deadline for Grant App: 2/31/07

Deadline for delivery: 6/1/07

Amount: $500.00

Purpose: To partner with Korazon and create a short video documentary exploring the benefits of organic clothing, describing the impact of utilizing sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, corn, and soy. The video will be used to help educate people of the importance of organic and sustainable fibers in clothing production. Korazon will use the video footage to help support its mission and vision by streaming it on the internet while offering it as an educational platform for non-profits, schools, and farmers.

Grant Application: Supply a one page document of intent with a brief description of your vision for the film and state your reasons for wanting to partner with Korazon in this project. Also include a budget of how you will spend the money to complete the film and a projected timeline for completion.

Ideal Candidate: Film or media student interested in creating a project designed to help educate people about organic clothing. The person applying for this grant must have a personal interest in the organic movement and should be familiar with video techniques, editing software, sound, and production.

Please send your one page letter + budget + resume to ? we look forward to hearing from you.


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