San Diego, CA- January 25, 2007- At the ASR convention this week, Hollingsworth Surfboards announced a commitment to Homeblown's Biofoam. Craig Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Surfboards and manufacturer for Hansen, Surfline Hawaii, Lightning Bolt, and Surf Diva is the first manufacturer to commit to using Biofoam exclusively for his Hollingsworth brand.

In his decision to convert to the use of Biofoam, Hollingsworth states, "This is the first step in making boards better for the environment without any loss of product quality or function. I want to offer my customers the chance to really participate in taking care of our lifestyle." He has partnered up with Homeblown US to begin shaping his boards with the new Biofoam technology.

Craig Hollingsworth has been shaping surfboards since 1973 and is a world class surfer himself. With his long time experience and hands-on approach to testing surfboard performance, Hollingsworth is one of the most versatile shapers in the world today. All of Craig Hollingsworth Surfboards are created with attention to detail and production of high quality, high performance surfboards.

According to Mark Massara fellow surfer and Director of Sierra Club Coastal programs, "Organic surfboards are the Holy Grail and Homeblown's Biofoam represents the cutting edge, using technology to protect the planet and bring surfing, and surfers' one step closer to insuring our sport has a minimum environmental impact." With Hollingsworth's commitment and the technology that Biofoam has to offer, Homeblown US is at the forefront of the "greening" revolution of surf board design.

Biofoam Samples
BioFoam Samples

Ned MchMahon and Craig Hollingsworth with a Biofoam board
Ned MchMahon and Craig Hollingsworth with a Biofoam board

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