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MobileTidePro 1.2 Released


After a couple weeks of tweaking and improving tide prediction calculations, we are happy to announce the official release ofMobileTidePro 1.2 today.

With MobileTidePro Release 1.2, you can get TidePredictions for a location near you with increased accuracy and up to the minute tide predictions. MobileTidePro 1.2 is faster and can handle even more locations than ever before!

As we have mentioned in the past,all updates can be obtained via a simple download located here: .

Select the Treo Version if your Smartphone is more of a Portriat Display (Screen is Taller than it is wide)or select the Motorloa Q version if your smartphone is more of a Landscape Display (Screen is wider than it is taller).

Can't find your location?Send us a request! We read everthing that is sent to us.

MobileTidePro - Washington State Locations Added

7/11/2014 has now added 2 new locations to the MobileTidePro Tide Prediction Software available via a free download. The locations added are:

Long Beach, Washington
Everret, Washington

Downloads can be found here:

Lot's ofwork goes into each release and update of MobileTidePro locations and all of us here at appreciate all of your feedback. In addition to new locations, we love hearing about new features that you would want to see. Our engineers are hard at work on a new version that will contain lots of cool stuff, but there is still time to get new stuff in there, don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

Win a free Surfboard or Skateboard

1/7/2019Have you heard? is giving away a free skateboard or surfboard by the end of June - just in time to fully enjoy it for the kickin waves this summer. It's pretty simple to win, all you have to do is upload a video, photo, or just reviewyour favorite Skate Spot, Surf Spot, Hangout or whatever. It's all really easy and the official rules can be found here:

Our New Search Bar


When we redesigned our search pages, we took the valuable feedback people had on board. One comment was that there shouldnt be two search boxes on the front page because it was too confusing.

We agreed and went about redesigning the page into a more flexible and user friendly way. The result is an experience we derived from Googles local search that incorporates two search boxes.

  • the left as your search criteria
  • and the right as the optional location.

In addition we have catagories as tabs across the top that narrow searches even further. Simply select the catagory tab that you want to search (e.g. Shops, Restaurants, Pics, etc.. ) and enter your keywords in the left box and your optional location in the right. Click 'GO!' or press 'Enter' to start your search!

The location part is also optional. If you leave it blank the query will still work.

If you are looking to search via a map, enter in an address in the right search box and then the city and state and Click GO!
That will take you to the map based search.

If you just want to browse a location, just leave you keywords blank and away you go.

If youd like to help us improve even further, leave any comments you might have on this post or just contact us!

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